Mobile Dynojet 250i Dynamometer

Dyno Tuning

How Dyno Tuning Works

Stock vehicles are manufactured so that all components work well together. When any of those components are modified it affects the performance of the engine. The most common parts to be changed are air filters and exhaust. This changes how much air is flowing in and out of the engine. When the amount of air flow changes the amount of fuel needs to be changed as well to keep the air/fuel ratio in the correct range. 

A fuel mixture that is too lean can cause an engine to run too hot and overheat. A fuel mixture that is too rich can cause poor fuel mileage. A safe and efficient mixture prevents unwanted damage to an engine or poor fuel mileage. 

DYNO tuning enables our specialist to simulate a road test while monitoring these engine functions to achieve the optimum air and fuel mixture where the engine performs at its best. The Dynamometer’s Eddy-current brake and air/fuel monitor are the best and most accurate way to diagnose how the engine is performing. By running the vehicle at different throttle positions and RPMs, we learn the exact air/fuel ratio from idle to redline.

The air/fuel mixture can be adjusted to the correct ratio for best performance. This can be achieved by mapping fuel management systems on fuel injected engines and carburetor jetting on carbureted engines. Adjustments are made to create the best fuel mixture possible that will preserve engine life and produce the best performance.

Using our DynoJet Dynamometer 250i your motorcycle is operated and tested in a controlled environment at all throttle positions and RPM ranges. An Eddy-current electromagnetic brake is used to vary the load on the engine simulating real life riding conditions.

Motorcycle Events?

 Our DynoJet Dynamometer is normally set up for performance tuning at our shop in Suffolk, VA however it is mobile allowing us to travel to motorcycle events to provide Performance and Horse Power Pulls. Contact us if you are having an event that we can help with.